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Teaching and Private tuition

I offer tuition and teaching, for couples to learn how to play safely with each other, I really love working with couples and watching the connection between them deepen as they discover a whole new world of skills, to improve their kink/sex life.

I also teach people who are inexperienced to give them skills to explore kink safetly, I do small group or private one on one sessions. I only teach small groups or individuals as I believe that way you are more likely to learn the things that specifically interest you. Whether your wanting to learn to enhance your private life, learn new skills. Or perhaps you want to work professionally in this industry too, I am happy to share my knowledge and experience on a large range of different things.

If you have a specific request message me with your enquiry. Every teaching session is different as different people want to learn different things. However by reading my website I am sure you can see where my expertise lie.

Or perhaps you want to learn to be the perfect submissive? Learn how to give an incredible massage, absolute obedience, and how to please your Mistress. In this kind of training I can take you on a journey and show you how to become the most well behaved, perfect obedient pet.