That feeling of ultimate surrender as I penetrate your tight little hole

I want you to experience that feeling of surrender as I penetrate you, of being exposed and vulnerable to me. Perhaps a gloved finger, or one of my many toys… I will tease you and show you what submission really means.

Or perhaps it is strap-on play that you are after? Maybe being forced to suck Mistress’s cock, or are you ready to take it all? View my pegging page for more details.

I take safety and hygiene very seriously when it comes to play - all toys are sterilised and I always use a condom over them. I buy the best quality lubrication for safety as you experience the true vulnerability of surrender to me.

Anal Toys

Butt plugs have a large variety of butt plugs varying from small to large, including some inflatable butt plugs, I have silicone ones and small metal ones. I also have buttplugs with tails on the end for pet play, these include, Kitty tail, a pony and a pig. I also have butt plugs called pig holes or tunnel butt plugs which have a whole in the middle for very dirty play.

Anal Beads

Anal Hooks These are great for predicament bondage

Drilldos I have two of these, one attached to a drill and one attached to a theragun for a unique sensation. These are more for hardcore and experienced players. There is a link to see how it looks in this video.