I really want to hear about your fantasies, the deepest aspects of your desires. I want us to connect, share and embrace your darkest imaginings. Things you may not have been able to speak about, able to share; things that evoke shame and guilt. I want to bring these things out so you can experience them to the full.

We can meet for an initial session. However if you prove to be well behaved you could find yourself becoming one of my regular slaves.

My rates vary depending on your disciplinary needs and venue requirements. Contact Me for more information.

At the start, a safe word will be established to put you at ease, then I can take you right to the limits of what you can bear, to show you who’s in charge.

I am available from 10am until 10pm. It is best to enquire in advance, although I am occasionally available for same day bookings so it is worth getting in touch.

Please note, I do not offer sexual services.