Humiliation - London's Humiliatrix

There is something very powerful about shame. Humiliation is so different for everyone and there is something incredibly erotic about playing with this emotion and bringing it to the surface. When you contact me please be clear and specific about the kind of humiliation you might like to explore.

I may make you wear my dirty knickers… or even gag you with them. Different triggers work with different people so I will spend some time to ascertain what works for you. I find humiliation can be an exquisite form of play as long as we are clear what your limits and boundaries are. If you have your own ideas of what might be humiliating to you do let me know.

If your looking to be slowly broken down in a session with things like name-calling, slapping, spitting and abuse, I suggest taking a look at my degradation page.

If your fantasy is more about being mocked, laughed at, taunted and bullied, here is a little list of some things humiliation can include.

Pony Play Riding you around the room like a Pony is always a tremendous giggle!! It brings me so much amusement, I may even give you a few thwacks across the bottom with a riding crop if you don’t go fast enough.

Pet Play Dragged around on a lead like a little puppy, possibly even with a tail put in, and made to bark. I might even have you drinking out of a bowl on the floor. Puppies aren’t allowed to talk so you will be spanked hard if you don’t bark for me exactly how I like it.

Spanking It really is rather embarrassing for a grown man going across a woman's knee isn't it? I am likely to put you in a range of humiliating and exposing positions too, possibly even the wheel barrow position having you totally exposed and vulnerable, fully of display for my amusment.

Sissification Frills and flounces - what a cute sissy you are!

Adult Baby Put into diapers and plastic pants with a dummy in your mouth. You will be so well behaved. I have a selection of nappies and plastic pants.

SPH I laugh at your tiny little thing. That won't satisfy a woman. It should be locked away permanently.

Strap on The embarrassment as I make you suck on Mistress’s great big cock.

Foot/Bootworship I have such a selection of boots.

Forced Bi If you're interested in this kind of session it is more expensive, mainly as I have to organise another person. I do require a deposit beforehand and also you need to be very clear what you're interested in! I seem to get a lot of fantasists asking about this one but with no real interest in following through with a booking. If this is something your genuinely want to explore, please send me an email with as much information as possible and I can make it happen, but genuine enquiries only please.

Watersports What could be more humiliating than totally degrading you and using you as my toilet. Leaving you wet and covered in Mistress's champagne. Perhaps I will even flush your head down the toilet to add to you're humiliation.

Corner time & Writing Lines Treating you like a naughty little boy! Bringing back those feelings of childhood humiliation and punishment, as you are belittled and made to stand in embarrassing positions or repeatedly write lines exposing your misdemeanours.

Gagged with my dirty panties The utter embarrassment of having to wear my worn panties in your mouth.

Dance Making you dance for me... perhaps a lap dance, or I could put you in a tutu and make you perform ballet!! This is always very amusing to me.

CFNM The immediate power dynamic is established!! I can also organise tea parties, girls nights, where you can serve a group of women. How embarrassing would that be in front of everyone?

Public Humiliation I could humiliate you further by taking you out to a club and playing with you there. Or perhaps subtle sessions like bossing you around in public.