Gender Play, Non Binary, Gender Bender, Genderfuck

Playing with gender can be fun, more recently I have had requests to be ‘Daddy’ or ‘Sir’ I love to dominate in this male persona. Perhaps you love the idea of being a victorian maid having to submit to the master of the house. Where you will of course be groped, used and totally taken advantage off. Sir may of course also need his cock sucked and loves nothing more than forcing you to your knees and fucking your face.

Or perhaps you are looking for a strong male hand to spank your bottom and you surrender to me. Whatever your interests in gender play are do let me know. I am very open to ideas and love to play in this way.

To play with me whilst I am channeling my male energy is a very different, experience and I am often told that I’m quite scary and pervy. Although I can do it looking like my normal self I am also happy to dress in full drag - I even have man suits and man masks to make the experience feel more authentic. I also have plenty of femme and sissy clothes to dress you in, see: cross dressing

Role playing to be the opposite gender can be a lot of fun and a wonderful form of escapism by exploring a different aspect of yourself. It can also be a sensual experience wearing soft silky panties as you enjoy the thrill of switching up traditional gender roles.