Gear Play

Not all clothing fetishes are about skin tight latex and shiny textiles; there are fetishes for all kinds of different gear. Below is a list of some of the gear kinks I love to cater for. I have an expanding collection, and you are very welcome to bring your own things if you have a specific fetish or kink.

Your gear might form part of a role play, it might make you feel like someone you're not outside of our playspace, or it might just turn you on! Sometimes doing tasks in gear can be a kind of bondage in itself, or maybe I'll need to add some cuffs or ropes to keep you in your place and make things more challenging. Or, perhaps it's all a bit more restrictive... those layers and protection making your senses duller, and maybe even a bit clumsy and hazy in your submissive headspace.

Below are some examples of the kind of gear play I love.

Sports Gear

This can be a lot of fun... using boxing gloves to tease you or torment you, or perhaps securing you in the boxing gloves and forcing you to frustratingly attempt to touch yourself to amuse me. I also have a full boxing outfit if you are a lover of shiny shorts... or perhaps you'll need to wear some, along with a thick groin guard to stop you fiddling down there?

Lycra and gym clothes are always sexy and perfect for face sitting and teasing. I can also put you in then, so you can feel that skin tight lycra against your skin.

Wetsuits are almost a kind of encasement bondage, it can feel wonderful to be encased in neoprene, and of course this can also be combined with breath play.

Tracksuits are also sexy, along with trainers and sneakers. I love to play the role of a chavy bully in my pink tracksuit - maybe I have to supplement the bulge in your own tracksuit because it's so insufficient, or do I have to cage it so you don't embarrass yourself?

Of course, equestrian gear is always fun. Tight jodhpurs, riding boots and a crop to put you in your place.

And there are of course many other sports uniforms and gear... football, hockey, swimming, cycling and much more!


I love different uniforms, they are fantastic for role play and feel wonderful to wear. I have a rather large selection of uniforms.

I have various police and military uniforms, as well as SWAT and ninja uniforms too.


This is one of my most favourite forms of gear play! I love dressing up as a pervy builder, in my hard hat, hi viz and all my work gear. Rubber boots, hazmat suits, waders and lots of rubber gloves can be so much fun to wear. Along with being very sexy in the right hands, all of that protective gear can be restrictive as well. Goggles and masks can add a sense of sensory deprivation too. How much PPE are you going to need to survive an hour or two with me as the site boss?

Leather/ Biker

I have a large collection of leather; not just the tight sexy kind of leather, but old biker jackets, biker trousers and even a biker helmet, so if you like the biker look or the leather look I have a rather large collection. I also like leather dresses, skirts, shorts and coats. Do you want to be intoxicated by that incredible scent that comes with good leather?

Thick Heavy Rubber

I obviously have a large latex collection, but I also love heavy thick rubber, rubber gloves, rubber bloomers, and more -- loose fitting heavy rubber can be so wonderful. I love the sound as it moves around when you walk. I also enjoy rubber hoods and gas mask play.


I have formal evening dresses, corsets, jackets, silk and furs for a more elegant look.


This could almost be a category on its own! Heavy macintoshes, long rain coats, trench coats, gloves, waders and rubber wellies can be wonderful! I have some lovely black shiny Hunters I absolutely love wearing... if you're lucky I may allow you to give them some attention...

And once you're all geared up for me, perhaps you need a strict fitness domme to put you through your paces, or maybe you need to be controlled with me wrestling you to the ground? Of course, if distance means you can't come to see me in person, perhaps you'd like to get geared up for a video chat so we can have some virtual play.