Will you be my cute Sissy or naughty slut?

Dressing you up like my pretty little doll, or dirty filthy slut. Or maybe I could even take you out to a club en femme? I love play with cross dressing and forced feminisation. Perhaps you might even want to combine it with some hypnotherapy.. to find your inner feminine side.

I can put you in plastic pants or outfits covered in frills! I would love to turn you into a full sissy. Once you are fully dressed I may even make you dance for me.. perhaps a lap dance, or I could put you in a tutu and make you perform ballet!! This is always very amusing to me.

Hypnosis I find is very effective for such things, or my manipulative teasing manner. I love nothing more than to totally emasculate you and take you on a journey to find your inner femme.

Items I have at the Venue

Lingerie, dresses, stockings, tights, wigs, fake breasts, pink dresses, frilly pink sissy dresses, plastic outfits, heavy rubber bloomers, underwear, wigs, make up, plastic pants and nappies, However if you have a specific kink and want something just for you, you can either bring it with you on the day, or if you don’t want it coming to your address we can order it beforehand to arrive at the venue for you to wear in the session. I also love shopping trips so maybe we can shop together to find your perfect outfit.