Watersports. I love to give golden showers and use you as my human toilet.

It may sound like a strange thing to say, that I am talented at watersports, but if you book a session with me you will find out just what that means.

I have incredible bladder control. I can tease you with the tiniest amount, or drown you with my waterfall as I stand above you laughing as you struggle to breathe.

If you are new to watersports and a little nervous, the control I have means I can give you just a little taste (quite literally) without going too far. It also doesn’t have to be in the face, I could make you watch me go, not touching you at all, but looking into your eyes as you hear the trickle - I may even allow you to get close to watch. Or perhaps a golden shower on various parts of your body; my fantastic control will mean I can stop and start when I wish and chose precisely where to aim. I am a great person to do this with for a first timer. I drink a lot of water so it isn’t strong and the control I have over myself means I can guide you gently into this.

I love watersports for many reasons. It has many dimensions for me; the idea of using you as my toilet is one, the primitive aspect of marking my territory is another. It amuses and pleases me so much to watch you writhe as you feel the warmth flowing down on to you, knowing it has come from inside me; as I give you the most exquisite golden shower.

One of the ways I love to incorporate watersports into my sessions is in the bath towering above you so I can really let go and watch you squirm around. However I have been known to use a "latrine" - a wonderful funnel gag which is locked on so there is no escape! I also have a funnel tube, and a hood to make it totally inescapable. I also have late shorts with a hose attachment which can be a lot of fun. Recently I have enjoyed pissing through a dildo too so you can enjoy sucking my cock and then get a nice warm surprise.

I have also recently purchased a urinal gag, where your forced to be my perfect urinal, it ensures you will swallow every drop.

Getting to drink Mistress’s champagne is a privilege. Sometimes I like to do it in a bowl on the floor and make you lap it up like a pet for the ultimate humiliation.

Do get in touch and don't hold back in telling me all about what you're looking for. Of course there are facilities to have a shower at the end too. When booking a session that includes Watersports make sure to give me enough notice so I can begin drinking plenty of water beforehand, as I am sure you can tell I have a lot of enthusiasm for this so like to be as prepared as possible!

A little video of me making my slave drink my wonderful Champagne.