Energy work. How BDSM can have therapeutic effects.

I believe in energy, and the therapeutic aspects of BDSM. By consciously choosing to do a session like this with me it can take you to a mind blowing altered state of consciousness. It is powerful work. I can do these sessions in a range of ways, either focusing on the session as something deep and therapeutic for you. Or perhaps there is something you want to let go of? Perhaps you want to bring any guilt, shame or fantasies you haven’t come to terms with out in a healthy positive way. I can hold a safe space to facilitate that.

Ritual is an interesting state and in truth most BDSM scenes contain some element of ritual, for example putting on a collar. The protocol can be something as simple as calling me Mistress. But we can go further, by taking you on a journey, perhaps using pain and intensity as a sacrifice.

I have trained as a Reiki master and also have qualifications in counselling and various therapies. I am happy to guide you on a unique therapeutic journey. If this kind of session appeals to you, I would like to direct you to my other site. This site is more focused on the healing aspects of BDSM.

There is also a video here which describes the other kinds of sessions I offer.