Electro Play. Such fun to control you in this way.


I love my many different Estim sets. Electroplay can be used sensually or most cruelly. These sets have different settings which can range from teasing pulses to sharp shocks. I have different attachments for the cock and balls, as well as electric sounds, for an incredibly intense experience. I also have an electric butt plug. Each Estim unit will give a different sensation, and they can also be experienced simultaneously. There's even a motion sensitive setting will train you to stay as still as you can and not dare to move to avoid the pain.

I also have a wireless remote control, meaning I can deliver the most intense sensations with just the touch of a button, I find this particularly fun if we are going out in public. I enjoy watching your face as you struggle to control the shock.

I have an electric acupuncture device too, the sharp sensation of needles but without the marks!

Violet Wand

I have recently acquired a wonderful piece of antique medical equipment; the Violet Wand. This is a modified ‘tesla’ electrical transformer. It delivers a stream of low current, high frequency electricity which creates a physical sensation on the surface of the skin - it feels like a continuous stream of static electrical sparks.

The different shaped electrodes give it a wide range of sensations and there’s a function which allows me to attach the electrode to myself so when I touch you it will deliver beautiful purple sparks. I find this particularly fun when giving a spanking or using my pin wheel.

This device can be used in so many different ways, from giving gentle sensual fizzing sparks to a sensation so intense it can feel like burning or cutting. Someone once described it as feeling like sparklers gently teasing your skin.