CBT, Ballbusting, edging, perhaps some squeezing and clamps?

Of course I love to use a gloved hand to squeeze and tease! I have so many wonderful games to play while tormenting a man's genitals! However I also have many CBT toys and devices such as a parachute that can attach weights around the balls, a humbler, a crushing vice, electric sounds, and electrics which go around the cock and balls so I can torture you at the touch of a button. I also have pinwheels and spikey leather gloves for a more sharp sensation, or a rather painful hand job. I love to use vibrators and milking type devices for intense sensation play and orgasm torture.

I love edging, tease and denial are amazing, letting you feel the power I have as a woman over whether you can orgasm or not, taking you to the edge but not allowing release so that you are absolutely desperate and having to beg. I want you desperate, I love it, knowing you will do anything to be allowed any sort of release.

I might allow you a ruined orgasm or I might just continue teasing you… sending you home all frustrated.

I have a few toys that will make sure you stay desperate for me. Also I am planning to get a Venus in the future. However, the first good boy to gift me one will get a free session and have it used on them. I would love to add one of those to my collection soon.

Perhaps you would love me to be your keyholder? If so Chastity can certainly be arranged

Ball Busting

I understand the excruciating pain as a submissive falls to his knees winded after a swift knee or kick to the groin. It amuses me to see you writhe around as I cruelly give you more. If you wish to experience this in a safe way then look no further. Whether you fantasise about being dominated with boots, my hand, knee or naked foot, I am very accurate and would love to control you. I also have some nasty implements that I can incorporate into your torment. The ball of doom - which is a heavy but soft ball attached to a rope (I think the boy who purchased this for me may well have regretted buying it!), a foam baseball bat or boxing gloves. Ever wanted to be tied up and used as Mistress’s punch bag? By the end of our session you will understand that my feet, knees and boots can also be an exquisite form of CBT, as you feel me totally dominate you. I may have you totally vulnerable with your wrists tied to the ceiling above your head and your ankles attached to a spreader bar to stop you wriggling away, or perhaps bent over so I can get full access to you from behind.