Chastity. Locked away and orgasms controlled

I love to take total control… especially over that part of you. Having you locked up will make you very obedient indeed. Locked away as you should be. I do key holding for very special boys. But you need to prove you are worthy first, before I keep you permanently locked up. We can go out and choose the perfect little cock cage for you, to stop you touching yourself, or getting up to naughty things. All locked away, desperate and helpless, waiting for when I decide you can have the occasional release. You will need to be very obedient to get such things.

Alternatively we could do an Edging session.. teasing you, tormenting you and keeping you just on the edge, ruined orgasms, forced orgasms, orgasm control are all things I love. I just love control, and there is no better way to control a man in my opinion.