Corporal Punishment, I do love to give a caning...

Along with spanking, this one of my specialities. It is a long time passion of mine; the ritual of making you count and thank me as I bend you over and give you six of the best.

I have such a selection of implements for CP - anything you can think of I probably have. To name a few: the tawse, paddle, strap, slipper, wooden spoon, riding crop, birch, hair brush and a very large selection of canes in various thicknesses and sizes; traditional bamboo or dragon canes or acrylic. .

I can bend you over one of my many spanking benches, tie you to the St Andrews Cross or perhaps simply put you over my knee. I also enjoy a range of other positions, the wheel-barrow or diaper position can be embarrassing. I may even make you strip to add to the humiliation of your punishment, make you write lines or give you corner time if needed. Or perhaps it will be a long slow build-up with implements, and when I've made sure your bottom warmed up enough you may well get a dozen strokes of the cane.

I have a huge range of different costumes, I have a degree in acting and the performing arts and I love to play many roles… Strict head teacher, bitchy head girl, a cruel boss who will punish you every time you step out of line. I enjoy getting creative in my characters and LOVE to hear new ideas and fantasies. I have use of a massage table, a school desk, and many other pieces of kit. Perfect for fantasy role plays, the venue also has a domestic feel which can add to the atmosphere. As well as physically punishing you I enjoy adding to your humiliation, by perhaps making you strip, or stand in embarrassing positions.

I also do offer judicial canings for those in need of serious punishment. I can assure you of my accuracy and I have the facilities to keep you fully restrained if necessary. I have leather pads that can go across your back and the backs of your legs, for absolute safety, if you want to play to hard levels.