Trampling, with either my naked feet, stockings or heels

I love the feeling of literally walking all over you! Either in bare feet, stockings, boots, or sharp heels, I shall inflict a little pain as you are so vulnerable beneath my feet.

Helplessly, you lie on the ground feeling my feet crushing you as I tread all over your body. You feel so small and helpless as I tower above you. You will be tied down beneath me, unable to escape from Either my naked feet or a teasing heel. My feet walk across your body, while you suffer for my pleasure.

As you lie on the floor, where you deserve to be, perhaps with my foot over your mouth - you'll feel the objectification of just being walked all over, being my doormat, using you as nothing more than my carpet.

Click here to see what you might get to experience if you book a trampling session with me!

When booking a session please be clear on what kind of trampling session you're interested in and what parts of your body you are happy to have walked on. It may well be everywhere, but to make the most of our time together, please be as specific as possible about your fantasies, including footwear.

Macrophilia Perhaps your fantasy is of a giantess walking all over you as you feel small beneath me, looking up at my strong powerful legs and thighs

Crushing Fetish Perhaps you want to watch me crush fruit or cigarettes with my heels, or maybe you would like to feel me crush you and maybe your most vulnerable parts. Do let me know and be clear so I can prepare and organise before our session.