I love kinky role playing, getting into a character and making fantasies come to life

As much as being the dominant is big part of who I am, I also very much enjoy role-play. Feel free to email over to me your perfect scenario. I have a degree in acting and love to really embrace a character. Here are some examples of roles I like to play.

Schoolgirl Bully

I love to be the girl who ties you up and teases you at school, perhaps the popular girl that you always secretly liked but was mean to you and humiliated you in front of the class. Or perhaps you’re my teacher that I manipulate and control with blackmail. Playing the bratty cruel schoolgirl is always so much fun for me.

The Chav

Hanging around in my tracksuit, ready to beat you up, take your wallet and spit in your face, and if you don't do exactly what I want I will force you to get on your knees and lick my trainers clean.

Your Boss

You have obviously being under performing at work and it has been reported to me that you have been making rude and sexist comments to young female members of staff. Unless you do exactly as I say and take your punishment I will be forced for fire you, and you wouldn't want that would you?

Your Teacher

I have had a phone call from a local shop claiming you have been shoplifting. Of course this is totally unacceptable. Your parents have spent a lot of money sending you to this school and I really will be forced to tell them or even worse contact the police unless you take this corporal punishment like a good boy.
On another occasion I have discovered you have stolen a pair of girl’s knickers from the locker room, so you will be forced to wear them and punished like the naughty little boy you are.


I am only doing this because I love you, sweetheart and you know it’s for your own good. You need to take a good spanking from Mummy to learn how to be a good boy for me.


Of course you need a thorough examination. I’ll put you on my examination table for a full body inspection. Its important we figure out what the problem is and do a full range of humiliating tests.

Prison officer/ Interrogator

I will use mental and physical manipulation to find out the secrets you have been hiding. I shall enjoy every minute of breaking down your resistance until you beg for mercy and tell me everything I need to know.

Step Sister

I caught you with my panties, I am going to tell mum and dad what a dirty little pervert you are unless you do exactly as I say


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