Pinning you down and tickling you mercilessly as you struggle to catch your breath

Such an intense way to lose total control, tied down so I can access all of those most vulnerable and ticklish parts. Or perhaps pinning you so you cannot move and are helpless and you lose control laughing and struggling to catch your breath as I continue to push you to lose control in this way.

Stripping you down so I can access all of your skin and you will be totally at my mercy as I touch you anywhere I choose. Sometimes I use my long nails to tease your skin, or my fingers as I explore your body and find those parts of you that I can rub my fingers over making you laugh out loud and totally lose control.

Merciless tickling is definitely very entertaining and can be brutal - I love the sadism as I watch you struggle to catch your breath and just continue to tickle your exposed sensitive parts.

Sometimes I use toys or implements to enhance this experience, using feathers, vibrators, brushes and other sensation play toys.

Often tickle torture works well with bondage, where I have a huge range of positions to tie you down, leaving your limbs outstretched so I can access your tummy, armpits, legs and feet to find all those vulnerable ticklish areas.

Ticking can be used as interrogation as I prolong your tickling until you give me whatever information I demand. Or as humiliation as your helplessly writhe around trying to escape my nimble fingers, and I laugh at your pathetic and ridiculous sounds, movements and reactions.