It feels so good to be owned.

Entering the head space of a dog, cat, horse, pig or whatever animal you can think of can be used as a form of humiliation play, although, it doesn’t have to be. Pet play can be a wonderful way to explore power dynamics. It can also be relaxing and a wonderful way to let go of control, not have to think and be taken care of.
Perhaps you love the feeling of obedience training, getting trained to be my perfect well behaved pet. Made to beg, bark or get taken for walkies. Drinking out of a bowl on the floor or begging for treats. Of course naughty pets will require some discipline so they know who’s in charge.

Whether you want to do puppy play, piggy play or be a naughty kitty, all pet play is something I love to explore so whatever animal you want to channel let me know, and I look forward to exploring this with you.

Props and toys I have:

Piggy tail butt plug, Pony tail butt plug, Kitty/puppy tail butt plug, Cages, Bowls to drink/ eat from. Leads.