Feet, Legs, Boots and Heels. I love them all to be worshiped.

There are different kinds of foot worship; perhaps you want to admire my beautiful feet in heels, or boots...? Perhaps being made to kiss or lick the dirt from my soles . Or maybe you may massage my naked feet with toes spread wide.

I do clean manicured foot worship or heel/boot sessions... or if you are the kind of person who admires the aroma after I have been sweating in trainers at the gym, or wish to have your face pushed into my stockings after I have been out all night wearing them; I cater for both types of session... just give me notice if you prefer the latter so I can make my feet extra sweaty.

There is nothing I love more than using your face as my footstool.


My heel collection is huge. I probably have most kinds of heels/shoes/boots available; thigh highs, stilettos, DMs, riding boots, Pleasers, Prada or Christian Louboutin, trainers.