24/7 total slave experience and overnight or weekend bookings.

Have you ever fantasised about what it would be like to totally immerse yourself into this lifestyle and become my slave? This can involve High Protocol control where I dictate what you eat, how often and where you sleep and have total control over you for a day or even a weekend.

This is an intense experience and will take you so deep into our dynamic. It doesn’t always have to be in the dungeon either; it can include going out for dinner or accompanying me to fetish events and becoming a genuine slave and a part of my lifestyle.

You will find that with training, you will learn not to speak unless you are given permission or spoken to.

You will require permission to go to the toilet, permission to use your phone, control over what you wear; in fact every aspect of your life for this period of time will be under My control.

You may be blindfolded and chained up in My cage, not knowing for how long and if you will ever be let out or allowed to go to the toilet!

Imagine sitting opposite Me in the fancy restaurant, having to ask Me in front of the waitress for permission for a glass of wine, and knowing that I shall choose what you may eat, if at all! Such intense humiliation will teach you to obey without hesitation.

Longer sessions really are a great way to deepen our connection and can be completely life changing.