Sensory deprivation

Sensory Deprivation can include hoods and masks, blindfolds, gags, or even headphones (which can either block sound or play a hypnosis track throughout our session). As an experienced and qualified hypnotherapist, track of my voice will take you into a deeper state of submission.

You will find that sensory deprivation allows you to enter another headspace, or subspace. It is a way of inducing an altered state of mind. Sensory deprivation allows you to go inwards mentally, to switch off and relax and really be able to let go. If you are someone who struggles with this in your daily life it can be a wonderful release, letting go. As soon as the blindfold goes on, you can no longer see and all your other senses become attuned to the slightest touch or sound as the anticipation builds up.

Gags are strangely relaxing too. So often we feel the need to talk, and actually to be silenced can be really quite a relief; that loss of control as you surrender completely.

Hoods are a form of depersonalisation. While encased in a hood you really do become objectified and able to instantly surrender instantly. I have hoods in leather, latex, rubber and fabric, and a gas masks which can be used for breathplay. I also have an inflatable rubber hood.

I have an inflatable rubber body bag too. While encased in that you will drift so far away into another world, just trusting your Mistress on the outside, as you fully surrender.

The high that many people get from sensory deprivation is intense. It also heightens the rest of your senses and thus every touch from me will be even more exquisite and powerful. I find that sensory deprivation can work very well with sensation play.