Getting teased and probed as your struggle to do anything right...

Clumsy fetish

Putting someone in a compromising position can be so much fun! Maybe I make you wear some huge, oversized footwear so you struggle to walk around and trip over your own feet, or make your hands useless in mitts, boxing gloves or layers upon layers of other sorts of gloves. An easy task in such a situation suddenly becomes impossible, and then of course you'll be punished for being unable to complete something so simple.

Perhaps one of your tasks could be serving me a drink but if you spill a tiny drop you will be in big trouble.

Other ways of doing this can also include layers of clothes, high heels or other restrictive clothing, perhaps a few drinks might also add to your confusion.

I also have distortion goggles to make you even more confused, becoming dumber and dumber like the silly clumsy toy you truly are.

A task of making you try to touch yourself while wearing boxing gloves or multiple layers of rubber gloves is always amusing as I watch your frustrations rise. Or perhaps attempting to pick up marbles and getting in more and more trouble as you struggle to collect them in time.

I can use sensory deprivation to make you vulnerable and helpless, as well as restrictive bondage to make tasks more difficult or perhaps have you wearing mitts or tottering around in high heels. Perhaps tormenting you with a vibrator or shocker making everything ridiculously hard. Then of course I will punish you for any tasks you might fail.