It's all about teasing your body with a variety of exquisite sensations at various intensities. Sensation play can tease you almost to the edge of pain, followed by a soft and gentle touch. It is the balance between pleasure and pain as your whole body tingles with excitement from the variety of touches. I love the intimacy of skin contact, as I tease your naked flesh.

I sometimes use blindfolds or other forms of sensory deprivation. By taking away some of your senses, the sensation of touch will be heightened allowing your body to writhe in ecstasy as you feel everything I do to you with such intensity.

Some people describe sensation play as multi-orgasmic or like a spiritual experience as the soft touches can be just as intense as the more painful ones.

Sensation play is about creating a whole body experience. If you are stressed with life/work and need to get out of your head and into your body, sensation play and sensory deprivation are one of the best ways to do it.

I have a very comfortable bondage massage table that I sometimes use for these sessions. I can also combine sensation play with other things like spanking. I will tell you a little about the things I might use when tantalising your body in this way.

Wax Play I use special candles specifically for this to make sure your skin won't get marked. I particularly love combining this with ice! It's a very intense sensation. I may remove the wax with a knife, pin wheel, or flog it off.

Vibrators A nice enjoyable sensation to combine with the slightly more painful ones

Claws I can use my real nails to tease, or my soft fluffy gloves with inbuilt claws for a wonderful contrasting experience

Pinwheels I have a selection of different kinds of pinwheels - they can be used softly or hard depending on the sensation I want to create.

Brushes A variety of different bristles to tease your body.

Cupping Traditionally used therapeutically, these can create a very intense sensation, especially the release as they come off. Please be aware that these WILL leave bruises so I will only use them if you ask specifically for them.

Nipple clamps I have so many different kinds of nipple clamps, including some very cruel devices from terrible toys, as well as clover clamps and of course much gentler ones if you have very sensitive nipples.

Pegs I love pegs, such innocent looking objects designed for hanging out the washing! However they can be used in a variety of ways on the body, either individually to numb the skin, or tied in a row, so when I pull them off it creates the most intense release of endorphins.

Clamps and Weights I love to attach weights to the clamps for the real masochists who want to take clamping that little bit further.

Acupuncture I have a wonderful acupuncture device, which I can use all over the body and it won't leave marks or break the skin like needles, but will give a very interesting sensation.

Gloves I love gloves and have many different kinds, soft leather, latex, silk I also have some rubber ones with claws on the end. Some leather ones covered in spikes for a sharp teasing sensation and fluffy ones with sharp nails on the end.

Needle play I am experienced and safe with this, some people are a little nervous about it but I can guarantee cleanliness. I understand for a lot of people this is a hard limit so I will never do this without an in-depth discussion first.

Ice Ice play!! Great for during the summer months. Also used in combination with fire or wax play

Knives Used very gently across your skin

Feathers For gentle soft sensations

Floggers These can be dragged gently across the body for a tantalising sensation or, of course if I choose, used harder for thuddy impact play.

Birches Gentle taps with a real birch, or wooden and plastic ones, to stimulate your skin

Temperature Play Playing with hot and cold sensations

Electrics I can use electrics in variety of ways, I have various estim devices as well as violet wands. see Electroplay for more details.