Dominance and submission are such strong power dynamics.

I love total power exchange and high protocol situations, such as having to always be on your knees in my presence, addressing me as Mistress at all times, never looking at me directly, eyes always lowered, only speaking with my permission. And out of session tasks to keep the dynamic flowing.

If you are interested in tasks between sessions and a more D/S based relationship dynamic, I can incorporate this into our relationship if I like you and I think that we click.

I can also offer high protocol sessions for the time we spend together for a more intense experience. It’s not something I usually do in a first booking as its something I feel like we can expand on and go deeper with over time, once we get to know each other. However if you prove yourself to be a slave I want to see regularly, then this is certainly something I enjoy doing.

Every connection is different as every person is different; no relationship is the same. It’s something always evolving and going deeper, and this is what makes these kinds of session so special.